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This Fazool Rules

a truly love-lay fagiole

Okay YOU try rhyming a word with fagiole!

I’ve been working on my recipe for pasta e fagiole for, oh, 20-some-odd years. Or has it been working on me?! When you make something every week (on Sunday, duh) for years and years and years, not only does the process become part of your muscle memory, but the dish itself starts to evolve in small ways and bigger ones, too. It knows things. It’s been places.

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This soup, an Italian staple, is a simple, humble, and accessible combination of beans, broth, and pasta, usually with leafy greens added, but the way it’s made will reflect the singularity of the cook holding the spoon. The myriad changes I’ve made to our Music House fazool warranted a follow-up to the original recipe (first published in Where Cooking Begins). The bones are reassuringly familiar: soffritto + beans + greens + pasta, but I’ve come to love this one even more than its ancestor. As we say a lot around here: The body is always changing. Apparently that goes for soup, too.

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