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Hey, it’s Carla!

Food Processing is where I write about new recipe development and share those recipes. This happens at least three times a month, and all of those recipes have full-length videos to go with them. While everyone can read my newsletter, only paid subscribers can access the written recipe doc and chat with me and each other about the dish.

I will also be talking about food shopping, ways to avoid food waste, kitchen organization, tools and equipment, and ingredients (the ones you’ve heard of and maybe some not!). Most of these posts are public.

In 2024, I launched the Recipe Development Workshop, a month-long online course with weekly panels designed to inspire your own recipe creation process. I love sharing what I know about food from spending 10 years at food magazines and writing two books, and brought in lots of experts to show what their process looks like. The conversation is ongoing, and I hope to host another workshop this year. Check out the Recipe Workshop tab on my homepage to see more about the RDW.

This is also where you’ll find out what things I think you need to be successful in your kitchen, things you really don’t, food products I’m into, other people’s recipes I’ve made and am loving, books I’m reading, cookbooks I own, podcasts I think are funny, products I’m using (in my food and on my face!), new projects I’m working on, and places I’ve been. Actually I’ve been nowhere; scratch that. The truth is: whatever I’m doing will end up here, and you’ll know as soon as it happens!

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I donate a portion of subscription earnings every month. My main causes are food insecurity, racial justice, voting rights, and LGBTQ+ advocacy.

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I'm a cookbook author (That Sounds So Good and Where Cooking Begins) and video host based in Brooklyn, NY. My career in food started in restaurants and ended up in food media. In my spare time I like to match up all my jars with their lids.